Astronomical images and videos from Alfred Dufter listed chronologically, with most recent observations first

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Date + Time Preview image Description Instruments, Exposure time
2018 Dec 16
1h37 UT
Comet 46P / Wirtanen meets star cluster plejades Canon EOS 60Da 135 mm 1:2.8
2018 Sep 5
ca. 21h30 UT
Green flash movie at sunset in Mali Losinj, Croatia, Hotel Aurora ca. 50 meters above water. Canon EOS 60Da with mirror lens Rokinon 500 mm 1:6.3
2017 Jan 1
ca. 20h UT
Timelapse video of gas-nebula M42 rising over mount Falkenstein summit cross as seen from Inzell, upper Bavaria, Germany. Can be seen also on youtube in Astronomie-im-ChiemgauAstronomie-im-Chiemgau and AlfredDufter 30cm f4 Newton Telescope, Canon EOS 60Da
2013 Mar 22
20h46 .. 21h10 UT
Timelapse video of comet C/2011 L4 (Panstarrs), as seen from Inzell's Schneewinkl (Bavaria) f=123mm, Canon EOS 400D
2013 Mar 19
21h18 .. 22h09 UT
Timelapse video of comet C/2011 L4 (Panstarrs), as seen from mount Hochberg viewing the set of the comet over lake Chiemsee (Bavaria) f=55..112 mm, Canon EOS 400D
2010 Mar 1
ca. 7h15 UT
Image of colorful fullmoon set over mount Hochfelln, as seen by accident from my bathroom, Inzell. f=200mm, Canon 400D
2007 Jan 13
16h58 MEZ
Image of comet Holmes near bright star Mirfak (alpha Per) self-grinded 15cm Newton-Telescope, EOS300D
2007 Jan 13
16h58 MEZ
Image of comet McNaught setting down over mount Geigelstein was so bright that it was seen just after sunset. Normal comets are visible only in the very dark. simple 7 cm Refractor, EOS300D
2004 (Combination with map of Germany April 2018) Craters on half-moon compared to Germany Heidenhain Maksutov 30 cm