The program gscanth evaluates thermohygrograph paperstripes

input paper stripe graphical program resulting value tables

-> gscanth ->

The brochure gscanth_brochure.pdf introduces the graphical software gscanth. That program analyses scanned thermo-hygrograph-paper-stripes and generates tables. gscanth produces accurately checked values much faster than other methods.

Given are stripes like the following (please click on image to enlarge)

Here you see gscanth with an part of the processed thermohygrograph paperstripe. The above part shows the temperature in celsius, the lower part the realative humidity.

The hardware need not to be the latest generation:

Our reference customer is the German national weather institute DWD (Deutscher Wetterdienst = German meteorological service) in Munic. They use the program gscanth successfully since November 2006. (You might ask Mr. Köhler about his experiences with gscanth)

You can download a demo-program with english an german documentations.

One license costs 1800 Euro.

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