Alfred Dufter´s total eclipse of the sun at 11th August 1999 near Salzburg

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Alfred Dufter´s images of  the total eclipse of the sun at 11th August 1999. They had been taken at the german-austrian border north of Salzburg and show the protuberances and the corona. We were lucky to see the event without clouds. If you click to the thumbnail images, you can see the higher resolution versions.


In Oberndorf and Anthering we observed with the 6 cm refractor with filter ND5. I photographed the partial phase with the filter ND3.5 und 100 ASA slidefilm, die total phase without filter, 200 ASA slidefilm.
The videocamera filmed the environment.
Meanwhile in Inzell the time lapsed camera filmed clouds around the eclipse.. 


Schematic cloud map 11.8.1999

Satellite image 11.8.1999
The weather along the moon's shadow path in middle Europe at this day mostly was really bad. All forecasts were wrong in predicting for my observing place the worst weather. But we actually had the very best weather of Germany and Austria, as you can see in the cloud map of Germany and Austria at the 11th August 1999, during time of the total eclipse. We observed at the southeast border of Germany to Austria, in the biggest cloud hole. As you can see in the satellite image, it was pretty unpredictable where you can find a cloud hole. Our observing region is marked with a red circle.

Observing location

I placed a time-lapsed Super 8 film camera (time-factor=80) at my home in Inzell (Bavaria) to film the weather around the total eclipse. My mother took some pictures of the event with a Miniature camera in Inzell. Meanwhile we observed at the German/Austrian border 10 km north of Salzburg, only some kilometers south of the shadow central line (see the red dot in the left map). At the second map with higher resolution you see the village Oberndorf (1), where we visited the partial phase. But due to clouds we had to observe the total phase in Anthering (2), which is some kilometers south of Oberndorf.

The total phase started in Anthering (13 Degrees East, 48.88 Degrees North) at 12h39m42s MESZ, and lasted till 12h41m58s. So we had 2 minutes and 16 seconds total phase, completely without clouds !

Shadow path near Salzburg

Observing points

Eclipse glasses for the family

Images of the total eclipse

Here you see some phases in chronological order. I varied the exposure times between 1/1000s till 1/8 s, so you can see either protuberances, inner, middle or outer corona. Beside the last two images I took that photographs with the 60 mm refractor. All images of the total phase were done during the first 40 seconds, then I observed visual. The second last image were taken by my mother with normal focal length. Just left down of the dark sun you can see the planet venus. The last image were taken from space onboard of spacestation MIR


It´s still bright


Inner corona

Outer Korona



Outer corona

Protuberances in detail

Sofi and Venus

Moonshadow from space


Here you see some funny images dealing with that event. The first image shows special eclipse bread. The black-white image shows a man training to put beer into his glas at darkness during eclipse. The third image shows the moon Lafontaine before the sun Schröder. And the beer ad shows the similarity between the product name and the sun´s corona.
Hopefully it will never be like in the image with the advertisement plane. In the Full Moon image the moon thinks: "Oh god, I am so full again", which in german slang means: I am drunken. The image from a newspaper shows fascinated visitors in asia.

Eclipse bread


Political eclipse


Commercial Eclipse

WC glasses1

WC glasses2

Full moon



forgot sunfilter


I was here


Colors during Sunset

Astronomers wife




Accident while watching the eclipse

A 42-year-old man killed himself watching the eclipse while driving near Kaiserslautern, Germany. A witness driving behind him stated that the man was weaving back and forth as he concentrated on the partially occluded sun, when he suddenly accelerated and hit the bridge pier. He had apparently just donned his solar viewers, which are dark enough to totally obscure everything except the sun.

Used Sunglasses

During observation of the total eclipse at a parking place in Austria, a man from vienna explained his family the phenomenon they saw. But at the end of the event he collected the sunglasses from his family with following words: "I will put the sunglasses into trash now, because the are used up now"


I received money from Romania, 2000 Lei - Notes, which show the path of moon's shadow at 11th August 1999 over Romania.

If you have funny images or interesting storys regarding the total eclipse, please send them to me at

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